I’m including a grooming tote as part of the tack trunk project that I’m currently working on. This is a key piece of equipment at any stable and is a perfect accessory to include with the tack trunk. The grooming tote will fit in one of the compartments of the tack trunk and not interfere with the removable wrap holder that will be stored in the the lid.

Grooming Tote Design

The grooming tote will be 15 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 12 inches tall at the highest point. The short sides will be 6 inches high. I split the tote into 5 compartments. 2 large compartments on one side and 3 smaller compartments on the other side.

Does this design look adequate ?

Next I need to design the sliding tray and compartment dividers in the tack trunk … Almost ready to start building!