Larry’s Horseshoe Pits

By |February 4th, 2013

Larry, from Brady, Texas sent us these photos of the horseshoe pits that he built for a ranch in the Heart of Texas. Larry’s been a carpenter and re-modeler for 43 years and had no trouble building the pits using the information on the website. Great job Larry !

In case you aren’t as skilled as Larry and need a little more direction in building your own backyard set of pits consider purchasing the woodworking plans with detailed drawings and set by step instructions. The plans are now available on the Downloadable Woodworking Plans page.

New Horseshoe Pit Woodworking Plan

By |August 2nd, 2010

There has been a steady interest in the horseshoe pits both online and through private emails. With so many questions I decided to take some time and create a complete set of woodworking plans with detailed instructions and diagrams so that anyone with basic woodworking or carpentry skills could easily build their own set of quality horseshoe pits.

The plans are now available on the Downloadable Woodworking Plans page.

Horseshoe Pit Details

By |July 10th, 2009

I’ve been asked by a few viewers to provide some more details of my backyard horseshoe pit design so tonight I took some time to enhance the sketchup model some and provide a couple of shots which include dimensions.

The first step in building the pits is to create the base. This is made from pressure treated 2″x6″ lumber as shown in the following diagram. I used 3″ exterior decking screws to secure the individual base pieces. (Click on the diagrams for a larger image).

Next the long side decking is added. Three 7 foot sections of 5/4″ decking are used for each side. Adjust the gaps between the boards so the three boards space the area that will become the […]

Horseshoe Pits

By |June 16th, 2008

My professional quality home horseshoe pits. My own design created with Google Sketch-Up. The design includes a beverage holder!