A few recent additions to the tack trunk design:

  • A main divider in the middle of the trunk.
  • A removable shelf to split the left compartment into an upper and lower.
  • A sliding tray that is also removable.
  • Trim added to the upper part of the trunk.

I added a divider to split the trunk into two sides. The right hand side will be the largest compartment in the trunk.

In the left hand compartment I added a removable shelf that extends to the length and width of the compartment. Items that are not needed often can be stored in the lower compartment. The shelf also acts as a base for the grooming tote.

The sliding tray is about 5 inches deep and can either be moved to the left hand side of the trunk or removed to gain access to the area under the tray.  The grooming tote may need to also be removed in order to slide the tray completely to the left hand side.

The trim was added to the top portion of the trunk because I needed to be able to mount the piano hinge securely for the lid. I think this trim will also be used to secure the locking hasp.

Next I’ll add the hasp, handles, and casters to the SketchUp model. Then I think it will be time to start building !

I think I’ll also find a way to increase the width of the bandage/wrap holder. Chelsea was a little concerned that the 3 inch width would be too narrow.

Don’t forget to check back for updates !