The next major project for the Kyserike Kraftsman is to build a tack trunk for my daughter. I’ve tried searching online, but there aren’t many woodworking plans available for a tack trunk that I like so I’m planning on creating my own. I’ve been thinking about how to build this tack trunk for a while but now I think it’s time to start to get serious and begin documenting the design. I’ll start by making a list of the tack trunk requirements.

Tack Trunk Requirements:

  • I would like to complete this project for Chelsea’s birthday (May 4th).
  • The trunk needs to be durable. It will be kept in the barn, possibly dragged around, kicked, used for a seat, used for a step ladder, who knows what else.
  • The finish needs to protect the trunk from the elements (rain, snow, heat, and cold).
  • I want the weight of the trunk to be as low as possible.
  • The tack trunk needs to be lockable.
  • The trunk will be heavy, so it needs handles on both sides to help load it into a vehicle for transporting it.
  • There should be a storage area in the lid including polo wrap pockets and a dry erase board.
  • A removable grooming tote would be a nice addition.
  • Not a necessity, but possibly a cedar floor.
  • The tack trunk should have wheels to make it easily moved by one person.
  • Brass hardware (hinges, hasp, handles) would make it look nice!
  • Stainless steel trim (to protect the corners).
  • A sliding tray.
  • Multiple compartments with dividers.
  • Use waterproof glue.
  • Lid supports to help lifting and hold the lid open.
  • Feet to support the trunk off the ground.
  • Size – Apprx 36″ L x 30″ H x 24″ D

Next I’ll start putting some ideas into SketchUp and see what we come up with.

Stay tuned .. this is going to be fun!