Google Sketch-Up Horseshoe Pit Design

Google Sketch-Up Horseshoe Pit Design

This summer we decided to create a pair of permanent horseshoe pits to use during the our gatherings. We wanted a quality set of pits that would last for years to come, wouldn’t get grass encroachment and were easy to maintain. I created the design shown in the graphic using Google Sketch-Up.

The stakes for the pits are 5/8  inch steel rods mounted in a bucket of cement that is buried in the ground. The joists for the pits are 2 x 6 inch pressure treated lumber and the decking and backboard are made from 5/4 inch pressure treated decking.

I also built some screens that protect the sand from the neighborhood cats when the pits are not in use. Included on the backside of the backboard on each pit is a shelf to hold your favorite beverage when you aren’t throwing the shoes 🙂

There are detailed high quality woodworking plans available in the download store for the horseshoe pits. The plans contain 20 pages of step-by-step instructions, a material list, and detailed diagrams so that anyone with basic woodworking or carpentry knowledge can create their own set of horseshoe pits like these!

Download Plans