Here’s my first project. A picture frame Jig. I actually started with the small picture frame but after having great difficulty trying to glue it up I realized that I needed a Jig to be able to keep the corners square and tight while they were drying.

The basic concept for this jig was to create 4 separate corner pieces that would be joined together by threaded rods allowing each corner piece to be adjustable. The jig was to be made of scrap 3/4″ plywood that I had laying around.

My first attempt at this didn’t quite work because the design required notches to be cut in the sides pieces and the only tool I had available to cut these notches was an old Bosh Saber saw. I was not able to cut the notches with enough precision to keep the corner pieces square.

In my second attempt I created this design where all pieces could be cut on the table saw. This worked out much better.

Here’s a few shots of the completed project