It’s been a busy week, but I wanted to at least make an update so you can see how I’m progressing with the tack trunk build.

After the carcase glue-up I decided to strengthen it even more by adding screws to all the joints. This will be covered by the oak trim so they wont show in the final product.

Bottom oak trim and gussets added

Bottom oak trim and gussets added

I added the bottom oak trim next, extending it down past the bottom of the carcase enough to cover the gussets in each corner that will be used to mount the casters (or feet). I decided to use biscuits to join the oak trim to the carcase to strengthen the bond and also help with the alignment. The glue-up of the bottom oak trim wasn’t the easiest glue-up ever since I was using mitered joints and wanted to get them nice and tight but I got through it. The biscuits certainly helped during the glue-up. I’ll be securing the bottom oak trim with a few screws through the inside of the trunk also since I’m sure this part of the trunk will be taking a beating :-).

After adding the bottom trim I glued gussets into each corner as shown in the photo. These added strength to the corner and also more material for mounting the casters.

Next step is to add the rest of the trim to the carcase. I’ll try and get this done by the end of the weekend (but I make no promises !). Stay tuned ….