Below you will find a list of a few of the online retailers that I’ve used with links to their websites, the woodworking related communities that I frequent and find invaluable in learning about this kraft and I’ve also included some links related to the Sketch-Up modeling tool that I use to create many of the plans for my projects.

Online Retailers

Rockler – An excellent online retailer that I use often. I am also an affiliate of Rockler which means that I collect a commisson on any sales when you purchase from the Rockler site (including signing up for their catalog) after visiting the Kyserike Kraftsman website. So, to help pay for the cost of this website please visit Rockler. Make sure to use a link from this website or else I wont get the commisson 🙂 … Thank You for your support!

Woodcraft – Another online retailer that I’ve used and recommend.

Woodworking Sites

Fine Woodworking – A pay for use site that is loading with great information for both the beginner and expert woodworker. Well worth the subscription fee. – A woodworking site started by owners of the Roybi BT3000 Table Saw. Forum based site with a Bargin Alert forum that is very good for watching for sales and closeout equipment. – A super online community devoted to woodworking featuring showcases. A very active, helpful and friendly site! Click on the image to view my showcase on Lumberjocks.


The Offical Google SketchUp Page – The Google Sketchup Welcome page. You can download SketchUp from here.

Design, Click, Build Blog at Fine Woodworking – The SketchUp for woodworkers blog at Fine Woodworking. Subscription required.

SketchUp for Woodworkers – A new site with Sketchup tutorials geared directly to woodworking.