The plan for the chest arrived today (along with some Forstner drill bits and a pipe clamp). The plan was on a large sheet of paper, printed on both sides. I was expecting a little bit more … but I think there’s enough information here to get the job done.

The original plan called for using a 4×8 sheet of Mahogany plywood, and about 10 board feet of Mahogany stock. I’m going to try and not use much plywood if I can. Also, the joinery used in the plan is basically butt joints secured with glue and finishing nails … I’ll be making some changes to the plan to use some nicer joinery techniques and not have any visible nails.

I’ve also decided to build the complete chest first out of MDF for two reasons. First, it will give me some practice in cutting and assembling the chest using the MDF before starting to cut the walnut. Second, it will make a nice cabinet for the workshop !