Well, the china cabinet went on hold again as I received a request to quickly design and build a small TV stand. You know, the ones that sit on top of a dresser and allow you to put a cable box underneath. After looking around at some of the manufactured units to get an idea on styles and function (it’s amazing how much money some of these small units are being sold for) I came up with a design for a simple unit that is assembled with “knock-down” hardware. The stand can easily be modified to expand it from holding one electronic device to holding two by just replacing the sides, and adding a shelf. The top and bottom would remain the same and would not need to be modified at all. Along the way I decided I would also create a set of woodworking plans for this TV stand.

The stand is almost complete so I decided it was time to take a few minutes and start to document this project. Here is a Google Sketchup model drawing of the single high version of the ┬áTV stand. I’ll post more on the project in the next few days and get the woodworking plans up to the download store as soon as they are complete. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Small TV Stand Drawing - Single High Version

Small TV Stand Drawing – Single High Version