I created two multi-clarinet stands as part of the commissioned project request. Each stand can hold up to 7 clarinets at one time. The stands are made from black walnut, finshed with danish oil, and topped with a wipe on gloss poly.

I made some changes to the original design after creating the prototype.

Brass Inserts
I wasn’t happy at all with using t-nuts for the threaded pins to support the actual clarinets. I didn’t think they would stand up under use so I decided to use threaded brass inserts from EZ-LOK instead. I bought a few extra to practice insertion techniques with, and I think this was a wise choice as they make a much more solid thread than the t-nuts on the prototype.

Lap Joints for the Arm Tabs
Originally I had used biscuits to edge join the tab to each arm. There were two problems with this. First, the “0” size biscuit was just slightly larger than the width of the arm so a small piece of the biscuit slot would have shown on each side. Second was my concern for the strength of the joint. Instead of the edge glue joint I used a lap joint so that the joinery extended completed across the arm. This created a very strong joint which will last for years.

Increased Arm Thickness
In order to use the brass inserts I needed to increase the thinkness of the arms in the area of the inserts so that there was enough material to conceal the 1/2″ depth of the inserts. I added a small piece to each arm (above on one arm, below on the other to allow the arms to still fold together). to cover the insert areas.

All in all I’m happy on how the stand turned out. If you are interested in having me make one for you don’t hesitate to contact me at TheKraftsman@KyserikeKraftsman.com