So … What has The Kraftsman been up to lately you ask ?

One of my daughters was married late last year and I told her that I would like to build something for her and her husband. I asked her what she would like and her answer was that they could use a china cabinet to hold some of the wedding gifts that they were expecting.

It got slightly busy around here around Christmas and New Years, but things have started to quiet down so I’ve had time to start working on the cabinet. I like to do a simulated build using Google Sketchup so that I can iron out the trouble spots and even make a few changes here and there from the initial design.

I’ve just completed the sketchup model and now it’s time to start deciding on what type of wood and finish to use to match what they currently have in the room where they plan to keep this.

I’ll make some posts as the build progresses … but for now here’s at least a peek at the completed sketchup model.