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Welcome to the Kyserike Kraftsman's Website

The Kraftsman at work

The Kraftsman at work

My interest in woodworking started early when I would visit my great grandfather’s and uncle’s workshops when I was a kid. I enjoy designing and creating works of art in wood that bring joy to the recipient.

I’ve created this site to document some of my experiences that will hopefully inspire others with similar interests. Please feel free to look around, leave comments, and come back often!

Navigation Hints

Most of the updates that I will make to the site are blog entries with the latest updates being shown right here on the home page. You can always return to the home page by just clicking on the Home link at the top left of any page.

You can view all the posts related to a specific completed project, a project under construction, changes in the workshop, or the latest news from The Kraftsman by clicking on your interested link using the Navigation menu on the left sidebar.

We have woodworking plans for a number of the pieces that I’ve created available for purchase in the download store. Please take a look !

With almost 1 billion facebook users we thought we should start embracing the social network scene and make our presence known on Facebook. So I’m here to announce that the Kyserike Kraftsman now has a page on Facebook. Feel free to visit us there and don’t forget to Like us !

Feel free to leave your comments at any post as I would love to have some feedback on both the projects and the website.

If you would like you can also email me at I would love to hear from you!

The Kyserike Kraftsman is now on Facebook

With almost 1 billion Facebook users we thought we should start embracing the social network scene and make our presence known on Facebook. So I’m here to announce that the Kyserike Kraftsman now has a page on Facebook. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page and don’t forget to Like us!

We plan on mirroring updates on both the website and the Facebook page, but will most likely post more photos on the Facebook page. The woodworking plans download store is also available through the Facebook page, so if you like Facebook feel free to use this avenue to make your plan purchases.

As I look back it’s been a great year for the Kyserike Kraftsman and I’m excited about some new things we have planned for next year. I thank all of the site visitors and especially those that have chosen to purchase plans from the download store. We have received many emails and photos from our customers on the pieces that they have created using our plans and we plan on highlighting some of those on the website. We also hope to add some new woodworking plans to the store next year so be on the look out for those.

Have a safe and enjoyable new year! We look forward to 2013!

Customer Showcase - Greg from Texas

This wonderful looking tack trunk that Greg created using plans purchased from the Kyserike Kraftsman was a gift for his wife. He used a Mahogany gel stain on the exterior with their farm logo (Greg’s wife painted the horse in the logo) inlaid in the front with solid brass accents all around. Greg also added an expandable luggage handle attached to a drawer slide on the bottom. Great job Greg, you should be very proud of your work! Thanks for sharing!



TV Stand Woodworking Plan is now available

We recently completed the woodworking plan for building the TV Stand that we had previously highlighted on the website. The woodworking plan is now available in the Kyserike Kraftsman download store on the website or on our Facebook page.

The plan includes instructions for building both the single high TV stand and the double high TV Stand. It’s like getting two plans in one! Also included in your purchase is a separate PDF document that contains a full size template that can be used to help create the artistic bow front arcs that are a unique characteristic of this TV Stand.

This is also the first set of plans where we have used Google Sketch-up Pro’s Layout program to generate the highly detailed diagrams included in the plan. We have released a PDF with a few few sample pages from the plan that you can download for free so that you can see the quality of what we produce.

This TV Stand will be a welcome addition to any room where you might need to free up some space on top of a dresser or table. It has worked well for us and I’m sure it will for you also.

WWPLAN_005 Cover Page

Click to Download Sample PDF

Customer Showcase - Bill from NY

Bill sent us a few pictures of the tack trunk he built for his granddaughter using plans purchased from the Kyserike Kraftsman. The trunk looks very much like the one that I built for my daughter :-). Thanks for sharing Bill!

Creating the Small TV Stand

Small TV Stand

Small TV Stand

I completed the TV stand this week and I’m pretty happy with the results. I still have a little bit of work to to do to get the woodworking plans ready to add to the download shop. I’m targeting to make them available by the end of this month.

If you’re interested you will find below a few details on the build.

Creating the Top and Bottom

The TV Stand is 13″ deep and 22″ wide. To create the top and bottom I edge glued two 1″ x 8″ red oak boards together to create a blank that was slightly larger than the finished piece. I used biscuits to strengthen the joint and let this setup overnight.

After the glue had dried I used a card scraper to remove the excess glue, and then cut the top and bottom pieces to the correct length.

The TV stand has a slight bow shape in the front and back. In order to create this shape repetitively I created a template from a piece of 1/4″ hardboard and using a template bit in the router created the arc for the front and back of the top and bottom. I will be including a full size template pattern in the woodworking plans.

After a quick trip through the planer it was time to drill out the holes for the knock-down fittings that will be used to attach the top and bottom to the side pieces.

Creating the Sides

The sides were cut to size on the table saw and then the holes for the knock-down hardware were drilled. Since a few of the holes were quite long I spent some timing aligning my drill press before starting to drill. I think this was worth doing as everything lined up perfectly when finished.

So at this point I’m sure someone is asking why use know-down hardware to assembly this TV stand? Why not just glue the sides, top and bottom together? Well the reason for this is because I wanted a design that could grow with you. So by making a different set of sides and a shelf you can create a stand that will hold two electronic devices within the cabinet.

Creating the Shelf

The double high version of the TV stand contains a shelf to separate the storage areas.  The front and back of the shelf have a bow arc that matches the top and bottom arc. The shelf is just narrower and only 1/2 thick. I used the same template that I created to make the arc in the top and bottom to create the arc in the shelf.

Assembly Check, Edge Softening, and Finishing

Before creating the finishing touches I decided to do an assembly check to verify how the knock-down fittings would work. I was very impressed with the strength and stability of the design. I would have no problem placing a heavy TV on this stand. I think you could probably use this to do step aerobics with (I actually tried it … should have taken a video).

With the knock-down fittings and assembly verified it was time to add the final routering to smooth the edges and add the finish. For this project I chose to use a satin black finish to match the location where the TV stand would be used.

I added some feet to the bottom after the finish was dry to complete the project.


And here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

New Project - Small TV Stand

Well, the china cabinet went on hold again as I received a request to quickly design and build a small TV stand. You know, the ones that sit on top of a dresser and allow you to put a cable box underneath. After looking around at some of the manufactured units to get an idea on styles and function (it’s amazing how much money some of these small units are being sold for) I came up with a design for a simple unit that is assembled with “knock-down” hardware. The stand can easily be modified to expand it from holding one electronic device to holding two by just replacing the sides, and adding a shelf. The top and bottom would remain the same and would not need to be modified at all. Along the way I decided I would also create a set of woodworking plans for this TV stand.

The stand is almost complete so I decided it was time to take a few minutes and start to document this project. Here is a Google Sketchup model drawing of the single high version of the  TV stand. I’ll post more on the project in the next few days and get the woodworking plans up to the download store as soon as they are complete. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Small TV Stand Drawing - Single High Version

Small TV Stand Drawing – Single High Version

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